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Swiftlets Eco Park

There is less excess sugar and no chemical substances, just the authentic flavour

Overlooking from the sky, the green planting cover 70% of the land. It is only ten minutes drive away from the Straits of Malacca. Here, the sky is blue, the trees are lush, the air is fresh, and occasionally there is a fragrant burst of mud; this is Kuan Wellness Eco Park.

Here is surrounded by the natural scenery and comfortable growth environment. It is a place for you to relax, relieve stress, return to nature and experience life for you who wants to take a break from hustle and bustle lifestyle.

The wooden memories hall inherits the childhood memories, as well as deep remembrance and gratitude to ancestors. The landscape, windmills, and energy-saving fountains in the surrounding area are well-designed for people to relax in nature as soon as they step into the ecological park.

EcoPark Panel A
Bird's Nest Exhibition Hall

There are three types of spatial experiences:
3D galleries, eco-cinema and Interior design explanation of bird's nest house.

To provide a deeper understanding of the habits of swiftlets, the management of bird's nest house, and the nutritional value of bird's nests.

Smoke-Free Bird's Nest Eco Café

Our Smoke-free Eco Café is especially dedicated to our patrons to enjoy the bliss of the treat of nature.

With the general improvement of people’s health awareness and improvement of people’s living standards, consumers are increasingly concerned about the dining environment and comfort level including air quality. People put forward higher requirements for diet, pursue green, pursue health, and green ecological cuisine has become a new diet concept.

EcoPark Panel E
EcoPark Panel C

At the Eco Organic House, we reduce the unnecessary substances of the food layer by layer, throw away the chemicals, throw away the excess sugar, and let the food return to the raw state, allowing your taste buds to devour the most original flavour of the food. By doing so, it reduces your stomach burden and improves your quality of life. A healthy body is the greatest asset in life. Eco Garden brings you back to the simple nature origin and embraces the health. To " green" our hearts and "green" our lives, we start from us.

Eco Organic House

How long has it been, since we live in the hustle and bustle lifestyle: the workload increased, the pace of life was accelerated, the house was widened, and even the foods on the stomach were added with more chemicals in order to make it look better. However, do we really need these chemicals?

Back to the Nature,
Gain back your health

EcoPark Panel C
House of Chilhood

The wooden memories hall inherit the child's childhood and memories, and also holds the children's remembrance of the grandfather.

At the beginning of the 20th century, grandfather's ancestors crossed the ocean and sailed south to make a living. The only thing, they have are the clothes to cover up their body. When they landed, they worked diligently from day and night to earn every penny.  After that, Grandfather was born and grew up in a difficult environment...

EcoPark Panel C
EcoPark Panel C

Let's learn to be “relax” together, learn “relaxation” step by step, relax through physical and mental relaxation, and “be comfortable”

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Eco Farm

The bird park is a wonderful place where little kids love to explore. You can enjoy bird-watching such as lovebirds,  peacock, parrots and other amazing bird species. Also, experience the strong bonding relationship between the lovebirds, be amazed by the beautiful peacock and the "speaking" parrots. The bird park is just a few steps away from the aquarium...

Bird‘s Nest
Sales Gallery

We uphold the quality , by listening patiently, Process it carefully and produce it wholeheartedly

EcoPark Panel D
Eco Green Gallery

Kuan Wellness Ecopark,
laid your burdens down
Green environment purify your mind

Visitors have the opportunity to watch a documentary on the ecology of swiftlets in order to gain a deeper understanding of swiftlets habits, the nutritional value of bird's nests, and related health information. Kuan Wellness Eco Park is surrounded by nature gardening, providing a very comfortable natural environment for everyone to experience the amazing nature ecology.

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